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Integrity Management and Technical Support

Integrity Management and Technical Support

The Scope

We have had an integrity engineering contract in place with BP since 2003.

In addition to providing technical support to BP’s North Sea pipelines team for the UKCS, the support contract was extended to focus on two main areas in 2013. This included verification of tie-in activities for a new asset and subsequent changes to operational procedures, and corrosion protection (CP) refurbishment for an onshore terminal.

Jee’s Workplan

Our team provided BP with design assurance for high-friction pigs, including:

  • Specification of the test rig components for onshore trials
  • Attendance at the onshore pigging trials
  • Data analysis of onshore trials
  • Computer modelling of expected pig behaviour in the real pipeline system
  • Completion of our best pigging practice checklists

Following review of the temporary isolation methodology and completion of our pigging assurance package, the high friction pig design was accepted. Our team then proceeded to review and provide feedback on the installation contractor’s methodology for tie-in of the wye structure and post-installation leak testing.

The subsequent stage of the tie-in assurance scope was to provide support for the design and procurement of new operational pigs for the pipeline, post tie-in. The new system, containing two new wyes and accompanying spoolpieces, had significantly different pigging requirements to the old pipeline. We also assisted in defining the test requirements for the new operational pigs.

The pipeline is now operational with successful reinstatement of operational pigging.

The final stage of the scope was regarding an impressed current cathodic protection system for a number of onshore pipelines which were due for upgrade. We supported the project by writing the specification and installation procedures for the transformer-rectifier and for a number of the accompanying structures.

We are continuing to support this project by providing on-site oversight of the installation and commissioning processes.

We have also provided guidance on technical queries from the BP pipelines team throughout the year. This has led to new workscopes to verify the stability design and concrete weight coating specification for an export pipeline and a review of span criteria for prevention of vortex induced vibration.


Our Services

As a result of our long-term relationship with BP, our team have gained an in-depth understanding of their specific technical requirements, enabling us to provide the most innovative and relevant solutions possible. With an abundance of integrity management experience and knowledge, our team are uniquely positioned to provide impartial, expert advice to cover any issues that may arise.

BP benefit from our:

  • In-depth understanding of their systems, processes, assets and their associated history and data
  • Independent, impartial advice
  • Extensive knowledge of industry standards and codes allowing us to ensure that operations are compliant with current legislation and their own group practice
  • Tailored data management system
  • Accumulated asset information enabling rapid response

As a result of the high level of technical support provided from 2010 onwards, our integrity support contract with BP has been extended to cover 2014.