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A Graduate’s Journey into Engineering

A Graduate’s Journey into Engineering

Many find entering the world of engineering fresh out of university daunting. The transition from theoretical learning to applying those concepts in real-life projects can be challenging. However, with the right support and opportunities, it can also be incredibly rewarding. This is the story of Jack, a graduate engineer at Jee, and how his early career has been shaped by the support and culture within the company. 


The Attraction to Offshore Engineering 

Jack's interest in engineering was always broad, but it was the offshore sector that genuinely captivated his imagination. "I first came across the role at Jee as I wanted to explore career opportunities in the offshore industry," Jack says. He saw an engineering consultancy role at Jee as the perfect avenue to gain a wide range of experience across different areas within the industry. Jee seemed like the ideal match with its commitment to providing such opportunities. "An engineering consultancy role for offshore was an excellent way to gather a vast amount of experience across a wide range of areas within the industry, which Jee appeared to and has provided," Jack reflects. This alignment of interests initially drew Jack to Jee and has been a foundational aspect of his satisfaction and growth here. 


Finding a Path 

The diverse opportunities at Jee and its comprehensive support system for graduates, like chartership mentoring, distinguished it as an ideal place for Jack to start his career. The proactive support from his team and mentors eased his transition into the complex world of oil and gas, allowing him to learn and adapt in a supportive environment. 


A Supportive Culture 

One of the key aspects that have made Jack’s time at Jee rewarding is the company culture. The friendly and welcoming atmosphere has not only facilitated his learning but also enhanced his job satisfaction. "For me personally, the atmosphere at Jee is what I flourish in," he notes, emphasising the positive impact of an approachable and supportive work environment on his growth. 


Real-World Experience 

Jack’s role has already exposed him to a variety of projects. From pigging campaigns to complex design analysis involving FEA, these opportunities have broadened his technical knowledge and applied skills. His work on pipeline analysis and pigging operations exemplifies the practical application of his studies and CAD skills, marking significant professional development milestones. 

Projects such as decommissioning support, pipeline span assessments, and pigging campaigns have allowed him to work alongside experienced engineers and learn new software like Abaqus, enriching his technical skills and practical knowledge. “The opportunity to already go onsite to pig trails and a tool inspection in the short time was also highly rewarding.” 


A Milestone Experience 

A recent business trip for a pigging trial and tool inspection stands out as a pivotal experience for Jack. It provided him with further insight into the industry and allowed him to engage directly with clients. “This trip brought further context to the industry I am part of,” he reflects. The opportunity to voice his thoughts and have them taken into consideration was particularly impactful, reinforcing the value of his contributions. 


Advice for Future Graduates 

For those about to start their engineering careers, Jack offers some advice: seize every opportunity for learning and growth. “Embrace the unknown, whether it is a topic you are unfamiliar with or a trip you are unsure about, take it on with confidence,” he advises. Additionally, Jack emphasises the importance of asking questions and being honest about what you do not know. This approach, he believes, is key to personal and professional development. 


Join Our Team 

Are you inspired by Jack's journey and eager to start your own career in engineering? Jee is looking for talented, motivated individuals to join our team. Explore our graduate roles and find out how you can grow your career with us. View our graduate roles here.