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Technical Integrity Assessment (TIA)

Technical Integrity Assessment (TIA)

The Problem

An independent exploration, development and production company operating in numerous areas, including the North Sea and offshore West Africa, required single-page TIAs to be created for each of their pipelines in the above locations.

The Solution

Building on significant previous experience, we collected, assessed and summarised the historical pipeline inspection data for each of the individual pipelines and converted this data into digestible overview documents.

A typical TIA included the following data:

  • A summary of operating data including MAOP, temperature, installation date and overall length
  • A schematic layout diagram highlighting crossings, trenched sections and other route features
  • A summary of the status of each component with a colourcoded integrity rating
  • Details of any remedial action required
  • A graphical summary of surveys completed since installation
  • Valve survey and corrosion control summaries


The Benefits

We provided our client with the clarifi cation they required by compiling full summaries of the service history for each pipeline. The client was able to review the most up-to-date integrity status information for each pipeline with ease and could rest assured that no key data was lost or misrepresented during the collation of information.

We also made recommendations for remedial actions and additional inspections that were to be implemented the following year to ensure the integrity of the pipelines.

As a result of our work, the client has a clear view of key integrity data and will be much better placed to anticipate and prevent costly failures in the future.